Post 531: Memorial Sparky

2 Yamaha and 2 Attic cat Wave Runners – $2500
I have 4 older Wave Runners. And 2 two 2 place trailers. They ran last fall will need new batts. What have you got to trade?

The cat is in the attic. The cat is doing the math here. 2 two 2 divided by salmon add crunchy treats equals eleventy brazillian dollars. OMV submitted the ad and suggested, “Lets take them upstairs to the lake.” Good thing it’s a private lake up there. Everything else is going to be pretty crowded today.

Happy Memorial Day to all who served, all who currently serve, and for the families and friends of military personnel.


6 thoughts on “Post 531: Memorial Sparky

  1. New Hampshire law calls these “ski craft.” The industry prefers to use the generic term “personal water craft” for them when not referring to specific brands, as opposed to impersonal water craft like canoes, kayaks, rowboats, etc. It is actually possible to get such impersonal inflatable or folding boats into an attic for the cat to pee on off-season. I suppose it would be possible to get these into an attic with the appropriate rigging, or maybe just wait for a major flood, but for some reason they are not usually advertised with that capability.

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