Post 532: Not a Fan

Fan Palm tree 10 feet

post 562 fan palm

Fan Palm tree 10 feet. Dig it up and take it home.

Simple, really. Get your shovel, go to Sparky’s house, and dig up the 10 foot Mexican fan palm tree. Haul it home in the family Prius, dig a huge hole in your yard, and slide the tree into place. Then sit in the shade of your new tree and think of all the money Sparky saved having you move the tree for him. Don’t worry, once the tree drops a ton of palm nuts on your lawn, becomes a nesting place for rats, and interferes with the roof of your house, you get to turn around and find someone to dig up the 15 foot fan palm tree for free! The life cycle of Suburban Trees.


4 thoughts on “Post 532: Not a Fan

  1. Gee, Sparky, on a Fan Palm with a trunk that big, you want root ball of at least a two foot radius from the trunk. How much of the boundary fence and neighbor’s yard is included in the “Dig it up and take it home” offer? And what is the access for a backhoe?


  2. Actually, the root balls on palms are tiny.
    Which is why transplanted ones need extensive staking, and a bunch of attention to the guy lines, lest they cut into the palm.

    That being said, fan palms are ludicrous expensive, as they are two things average palms are not: sturdy &amp long lived.

    Mind, transplant labor for palms is a bit over the top–this is no tulip or elephant ear to dig a cutting up and move it.

    All to get a plant that generates no shade and will always look like it just had some medically-necessary pruning.

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  3. Were this near to hand, and it not crowding the century mark on the thermometer, it would be sore tempting to show up at Spark’s with a mini excavator, then grub out his palm.

    Then pack up and leave the crater, all the dirt, and mess and just drive away.

    Other than I have no good place to transplant a fan palm into. (Or a suitable “mark” to hoist this upon, either. )

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