Post 533: It’s Snow Use

 Snow Shovels

post 533 shoveling

Spring cleaning. 3 used snow shovels. Just need to clean up the plastic edge with a file.

NinjaChow sent this in with the comment, “Apparently Sparky doesn’t realize that winter is an annual event.” Either that or Meteorologist Sparky predicts Winter isn’t coming any more. File this one, ha ha, under Grab and Run before he realizes his terrible mistake.



6 thoughts on “Post 533: It’s Snow Use

  1. Actually, what this might mean that Spark, like many in snow country, have an entire shed of snow shovels (and a couple sbow blowers, too). These are just the cast-offs & “so the kids can ‘help’ ” shovels.

    Or, they have relocated to such snow-bound climes as Phoenix.

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  2. [Singing]I got a snow blower! I got a snow blower! Ain’ gonna shovel no mo’! Give it away, give shovel away! Hey, hey, hey![/singing]

    Honey, what about all the snow on top of the car?


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  3. As I have two snow shovels and a snow blower, I might understand. I bought one, then stored it in my storage trailer for the summer. Later thinking I was going to move to a new job in another city, I took my trailer with me on a trip there and stored it. Back home I found I didn’t get the job. So I had to buy another shovel the following winter. I finally went back to get my trailer because of shifting freight, my stored shovel was warped. So, unlike Sparky, I’m keeping my warped shovel because I need something I can relate to.

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