Post 536: Do you have to let it linger?

Nude & Lingere Shots – $30
Unused Shoot Lingere & Nude Shots
Gorgeous Perfectly Curvy Models


OMV provided the ad and the title, because, Dude, it’s just wrong. Thankfully there were no photos included in the ad since someone could steal Sparky’s precious intellectual property. Just let those last two words sink in over the weekend.


4 thoughts on “Post 536: Do you have to let it linger?

  1. Sparky: Hey, I have these nude shots and lingerie shots of gorgeous and curvy models and nobody is using them. Ah shoot, maybe I should have used gorgeous and curvy “human” models.

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  2. I do have to wonder about unused photos.
    Does he like taking photographs of gorgeous and curvy models but don’t like looking at them?
    Did the gorgeous and curvy models hire him to photo shoot them and then didn’t pay him? Now he wants to recoup his time and effort?
    Is Sparky just an ass-hat?

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  3. Hopefully this isn’t some pervert sneaking into a college or even worse, a high school locker room and trying to make a profit from it. Might explain why he would have a stack of unused photos in his possession.

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