Post 540: Pokey Hearts

Pokey man cards
Hello everyone I have thousands of Pok�mon and beanie babies My daughter collected for years I’m giving them away do to I’m selling my home my name is Carly. I’m a nevervous women. Please send me. A selfie and you’re name for me to respond so I know you are real ##???^%$# first come first serve type it’s me under you’re selfie so I know it’s not. A robot

This, right here, could be the epitome of Sparkette posting. Could be the best we’ll ever see and I should just give it all up. Or it could be an attempt to get around the new rules about no Neverous Women looking for Not.A.Robot. Only Pokey Mans need apply.

Ralph, I’ve never known anyone to ask for a selfie from potential buyers. Do you think it’s a new trend? Or is this just a hokey Pokey?


6 thoughts on “Post 540: Pokey Hearts

  1. Thus are our robot overlords, not with a bang, but a whimper.
    Distempered eith e’ry human failing ever wrought wrung out in fractured gramnar upon the digital crying towel.
    Weep, O Ozzymandius, for they are us.

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  2. “nevervous”
    never vous?
    never you?
    I’m a never you women?
    Fine then, I’ll never come by your place and do anything pokey.
    Your loss.
    (Unless you were talking to that other guy that perused Craigslist.)

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  3. As I read this ad, the first place I had to stop is when she uses “do” instead of “due” in “do to I’m selling my home”.
    Second, due to lack of punctuation, I read “First come, first serve type. It’s me under your selfie.”, instead of, “first come first served. Type, “it’s me” under your selfie.” Which I believe she was going for.

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