Post 541: None Shall Smoke

Chesterdoor – $150
Good condition one owner, none smoker

None picture. None contact information. Maybe only Chester Door knows how to contact Sparky. OMV, how many miles do you think it has? Wait, you’re not Chester, so you won’t know. Sorry. Thanks for the amazing ad!

4 thoughts on “Post 541: None Shall Smoke

  1. If we assume all sparkii are similar, then we know by earlier posts that chester drawers is a chest of drawers or a chest with drawers in it. Therefore a chesterdoor would be a chest of door or a chest with a door in it. Like a cabinet, armoire, wardrobe, maybe even a casket.
    With a grand total of none photos, the world may never know.

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  2. What size is this chesterdoor?
    How many hinges does it have?
    Does it come with a door handle?
    Is it big enough for a human chester or only big enough for a kitty chester?

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