Post 546: Got Milk!

This week, we are spotlighting Do Work For Me ads. It’s the American Way!

I need a bowl of cereal
I just want a bowl of cereal. Honey Nut Cheerios, Cap’n Crunch, whatever. I have milk, just no cereal.

Because the stores are crowded and they want you to put on pants and actually pay for the things you want to take home. So just show up at my house and bring the cereals. This guy is the epitome of cereal killers. Thanks, OMV!


7 thoughts on “Post 546: Got Milk!

  1. I can finally finish off my unfinished boxes of cereal.
    1/4 biscuit of Shredded Wheat along with the individual shreds at the bottom of the box.
    6 Cheerios plus Cheerio powder
    1 Fruit Loop plus powder
    Approximately 1 tablespoon of Grape Nuts
    Apple Jack powder only.
    *put all in a paper bowl.
    Sparky: What’s this?
    Me: This is the “whatever” you ordered.

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  2. You know, most people buy cereal when they buy milk. Did Sparky? I assumed Sparky was male. If you’re too lazy to buy cereal, you’re probably too lazy to buy milk.

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