Post 549: And a Chicken

Military Trailers – $1

post 549 chicken trailer

I have 3 military trailers , Generator-Water -Fuel , $3500-$1500-$1100 call Harold

All three trailers for One Dollar? Throw in the chicken and you have a deal. Thanks, Harold, you wheeler-dealer, you.


6 thoughts on “Post 549: And a Chicken

    • Not to mention that chicken would need a pintle hook attached to it. That would make the chicken much heavier. That should make the price per pound a lot less though.


  1. [Corey]Harold is an idiot.
    In order on the photo, it’s a “fuel” trailer, a water trailer (called a “water buffalo” in service), and a trailer which may or may not have a generator afixed.

    All three show signs that Bubba diwn to the farm was welding stuff to other stuff.
    That left hand tailer was probably for farm chemicals rather than fuel. It has a too high center of gravity, and would be a death trap towed at anything over 2 mph (and is probably a death trap as is for having a mix of diazamon, berbicide, and diesel in it.

    The prices quoted are for fully-restored, ready-to-show military trailers. Not bubbaized bowlderizations that will need actual military parts and paint applied.

    For how much out of the ballpark ole Harry is, I can get, legit, unmolested, surplused examples of every thing (he thinks) he’s showing for a third of what he’s asking (and shipping from Pennsylvania would only bring the price to half).


    This is exactly the sort of seller military vehicle restorers detest most.

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  2. $3500 minus $1500 minus $1100 is $900. Harold doesn’t know the difference between $900 and $1. Harold, it’s $899. Now delete this ad immediately and try again. You’ll be graded on a curve. So hook onto each one and pull them around this curve, then we’ll grade you.

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