Post 550: Benched

In Mint condition Large- Black piano bench with storage for music. 19 inch High X 29 inch long X 14 1/2 inch wide. cash only.

It’s a really nice piano bench. Perfect if you have one of those huge musical instruments with the black and white things that produce music. Not sure what I would do with it. If I had a big family and lots of grandkids coming over, I could use it for extra seating. Two or three times a year. Guess I’ll just leave this for the talented people who play those huge things.

3 thoughts on “Post 550: Benched

  1. [Corey]Using piano benches as accessory furniture was a “thing” back in the 80s. Ran aground for lack of benches without pianos to use. And, they are only so-so as furniture. (And really look like you can’t afford a piano, or let the movers drop it out a 5 story window for comedic effect, now long past.)

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