Post 551: Driven

Need ride any where

post 551 drive

I offer rides ,any where you need.
My SUV is 2016 suburban .
My vehicle is Suv luxury ,clean,fits up to 7 ‏passenger,my price is the best .
You text me where you need,and when you wont to pick you up.
I’ll give you the cost of your ride.
I have all requirements and permit to pick up or drop off form and to airports of San Diego and L.A.
I do have T.C.P permit and of coarse Insurance to drive passengers.
Basically it’s limo!!!
It’s the best price in town !

English not first language. Maybe not second language. I take you to airports, ask you to carry small package for me. Where you need and why wont you pick you up? I’ll pay you to ride my SUV because it is the best. Drop off forms in San Diego or LA airports. Basically it’s a limo so I have to use my allotment of exclamation points now! The coarse insurance might be a deal breaker.


6 thoughts on “Post 551: Driven

  1. Look at picture.
    Look at text.
    Conclusion: Not from this planet.
    Not acclimated.
    Posing as Men in Black.
    Beware! You may not remember your trip.

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  2. [cory] I drive railroaders for a living. I’ve driven suburbans and their GMC equivalents. I now drive 2016 Expeditions. The 2014 and earlier suburbans had separate high beam headlights. The GMC and Fords had single bulbs for both high and low. The Ford had better visibility than the GMC but not as good as the Chevy. The 2016 Ford went with the separate bulbs for high and low beams rivaling the earlier Chevy. the 2016 Chevy lacks the visibility earlier models had. The GMC hasn’t changed much.
    The Chevy and GMC have identical dimensions. The Ford has a slightly longer but narrower wheel base and a slightly shorter chassis length. I have gotten many complaints because of the lack of leg room in the 3rd row seats in the Chevy and GMC. Most all of the crews prefer the Ford over the Chevy. I had one complaint about the Ford seats being too narrow but he was an exceptionally large guy.
    So (at least in my opinion), as far as comfort is concerned, the Expedition is better than the Suburban.[/cory]

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  3. coarse Insurance

    I don’t think he’s insured by The General. I think he’s insured by The Drill Sergeant.

    ( this comment is based on drill sergeants on TV and in movies and may not reflect the coarseness of actual drill sergeants.).

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