Post 552: I’m so Tired

Pair 195/65/15 – $100

“Honey, why is the car listing to one side?”

A. I finally got the right size tire so when we go up the hill at your folk’s house, we won’t tip over.

B. You won’t believe how much I paid for these used, pre-owned tires! Of course, there’s a slight problem that will take some getting used to.

C. I lost the bet and had to buy these tires or file for divorce.

Hmm, the divorce might come along in its own time after this stunt. Sorry, Sparky. Those are not a “pair” in any sense of the word. They are two and they won’t become one. Thanks, OMV, I hope you can get your money back now.

6 thoughts on “Post 552: I’m so Tired

  1. She’ll be comin’ around the mountain counterclockwise.
    She’ll be comin’ around the mountain counterclockwise.
    Then she’ll go to a service station.
    Get them tires rotated. Then…
    She’ll be goin’ around the mountain leaving clockwise.

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  2. Perhaps Sparky put one tire on a small block to raise it up. Maybe Sparky thinks we can’t tell if it’s two tires instead of one big one.

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  3. [Corey]
    The tread on those looks good, very good; too good.
    Driven just far enough to wear the casting “nubs” off, but no further.
    Were it not for the wear, I’d think they were sticky-fingered.
    Instead, looks like they were “inside jobbed” from Discount or NFTA tires.
    But, that’s ok, it’s not criminal if it’s on CL. Ever.

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