Post 553: Can You Stand It?

Interdimensional Stereo Speakers/ Plant Stands

post 553 speakers

Hmmm… I was told when I purchased these you could hear songs and podcasts from the 4th dimension but even when I tilt them towards my head all I hear is the sound of dirt pouring into my ear. Perhaps I need a better antennae?
anyway, even if you can’t hear the weekly Zima Presents Xemu Super Fun Radio Hour these things are pretty good at holding plants; and, they are F R E E; and they are at [####] {Ish} Road.

Sparky gets points for being creative. Sparky loses points for killing the plants that used to be in these speakers. Even if he can’t hear the podcast from the pod people, the plants were enjoying themselves. Thanks, Ralph, a super fun find.


6 thoughts on “Post 553: Can You Stand It?

  1. Well you’re not going to hear interdimensional music through these speakers unless you hook them up to an interdimensional receiver.
    …or an interdimensional mp3 player.
    …or an interdimensional cd player.
    …or an interdimensional cassette deck.
    …or an interdimensional turntable.
    …or an interdimensional reel-to-reel.
    …or an interdimensional 8-track.
    Duh! Get with the TIMES!

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  2. Lessee,
    Ok, stuck wars onem, an’ nuddin.
    Ok, fillem wit dirt ab’ see ifgin plants groes.
    Er, I foun’ these tings, an’ dunno whadda do widem.
    Ah kno, sale em on CL.

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  3. [Off topic] I like being the first commenter because then it says I thought on “Post 553:Can You Stand It?”
    Then I mess it up by thinking again. [\Off topic]

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