Post 554: Crash Course on Cash


post 554 crash 1

We’re having a moving out furniture event today, everything must go! Display cabinets – 3 individual, detached units available. 30″x75″x15″ each

We have also have a dining table, a number of cabinets, dressers, and many other things. MUST pick up; located near [Smarty Pants] University.

Pay what you can, or just take it and go.

NinjaChow explains, “This was in the free section of CL, not sure that Sparky knows how money works.”

So, Sparky, if I give you two dead rats and a dollar, then you are required to give me the three cabinets, all the stuff on them, your first born child, and many other things. Sorry, that’s how money works. In America. Of course, you are Canadian. In that case, you get to keep the child. Sorry.

Thanks, NinjaChow, great ad.


2 thoughts on “Post 554: Crash Course on Cash

  1. You can give me money for my furniture and other things or you can take my other things and my furniture without giving me any money at all. Oh heck, bring all of your money. You might want to feed your helpers some Mike D’s after you load this stuff up.

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