Post 555: Putting the Pumpkin Before the Mice

Old Gardenway cart in need of refurbishment
The photos tell the whole story.
condition: salvage

Cinderella and her prince lived happily ever after for many years and had several children to keep the tradition of a monarchy alive. They occasionally visited Prince Phillip and his bride, Princess Aurora, and their children.

One day an invitation arrived for the oldest daughter to attend a ball in the far province. Cind knew her daughter had a crush on the eldest son over there, but she also knew tuition fees were up and taxes were not going to get higher unless they all wanted to lose their heads over the situation.

Enter the Fairy Godmother out of retirement with a reminder to Cind and Charm that their magicked pumpkin, mice, and all the other bits were still around in the palace stables. This was the answer to all their troubles. The whole family rushed out to the stables to see the beautiful carriage pumpkin.

Time had not been kind to the cart or the pumpkin, the mice, or the dog. Suffice to say, it’s cheaper to Uber to the other kingdom than to fix this one. Thanks, Ralph, glad we got the whole story outta this one.


5 thoughts on “Post 555: Putting the Pumpkin Before the Mice

  1. No, really, it is possible to throw things away. Happens all the time. No, there’s not a special fee, we charge by the pound. Thanks for calling the Ish Landfill.

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