Post 556: What About Understanding?

5 peace – $600

post 556 peace love

5 peace love seat couch 2 end table coffee table $600 obo moving away trying to travel lite for information contact G

This ad does lack understanding, as OMV points out. There’s no punctuation, a lack of sentence structure, and spelling abominations. Their neighbor has a $600 obo which is causing Sparky to move away. He’s traveling lite so he can gather information. Peace out, dude!

OMV, have you seen a movement to end table coffee? That would be a bad thing. Unlike this ad. Thanks for the submission.


11 thoughts on “Post 556: What About Understanding?

  1. Wurdz gotz no meanz, u kno?
    Waste & waist are equals, u kno wut i meanz
    Plural’s (like ‘apostrophe’ is a wurd!)

    Gak, thst was difficult to scribe out.
    Saw, from a presumably college graduate, “peeces” to mean “pieces.” O_o. Have also seen “peices”–which means needing ignore speelczech. I see “site”, “sight”, & “cite” conflated daily. And had some junk mail addressed to “sweet” (aka “suite”) 222.

    So, “peace” to mean a single example or particular, sadly, is not unexpected.

    I rue the day when diplomats will have to “soo 4 pees” to end military conflict.

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  2. Sparky is confused. Each of those tables has at least four ends, with black borders.
    There seem to be three different types of tables:
    1) The long one in front of the couch.
    2) The square one in front of the couch.
    3) The long one in front of the square one, which has a scratched surface. This is a closed-end counter of the third kind.

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  3. 5, peace, love, seat, couch 2 end table, coffee table $600. obo moving away, trying to travel lite, for information, contact G.

    First of all, this sentence ends with a capital letter but does not begin with one. (It does begin with a number but it’s hard to tell the difference between an upper case 5 and a lower case 5)

    Next of all, “couch 2 end table”, I really think text speak should go. Unfortunately I think it’s here to stay. they even have us using it in our passwords.)

    Another of all, $600 is a lot for a coffee table.

    Even more of all, when obo(e)s move, they usually don’t travel with furniture. An accordion might travel with a couch, but not an obo(e). Obo(e)s like to get blown by musicians so you may find one traveling with one of those.

    Probably last of all, If you want me to make contact with your G-(string), that’s TOO MUCH INFORMATION!

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