Post 558: Drugs Included At No Extra Charge

Dog/cat/critter boarding/sitting
Hello! I am a professional dog trainer and pet boarder looking to look after some furry friends! I can help with training of dogs, I love to take my dog out for off-leash hikes around [Location] ridge, and would gladly add some pack members for walks. If you are planning a summer vacation or need someone to check in on your pet, or need somewhere for him/her to stay, look no further! I am pet first-aid certified with 4 years of professional experience with dogs, cats and critters of all kinds!

Feel free to drop me an email with any inquiries you may have.

Dog overnight: $25.00 2nd dog $15.00
Cat overnight: $15.00 2nd cat $10.00
Critters overnight: $10.00

Training rates negotiable depending on what your pup needs to work on (example: off-leash, leash pulling, reactivity, resource guarding, crate training, basic commands etc)



Okay, Jade, we get it. You take the dogs out to the ridge, feed them some special cookies while you have a smoke, and then shop online while they recover from the ordeal. I guess that qualifies as professional experience. NinjaChow asks, “Is it just me or do these dogs look heavily medicated?” Not just you. Not at all. And the snake looks a little stoned, too.

With lambie

This post is dedicated to my sweet, funny, feisty, terrier, Tilda, who left us for the Rainbow Bridge on July 28th. I’ll love you forever, and then some.

One thought on “Post 558: Drugs Included At No Extra Charge

  1. I think it’s great that she’ll take care of my pet badger overnight for just $10 and take him to the ridge for a nice dig too.


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