Post 559: Venice Dogs

Dog canal – $40

post 559 dog canal

Like new. Will give toys with it. And I hot some treats and food.

Today on Pets Escape, we will attempt to discover how the dog got into the canal, was it swept away, and why didn’t it like the hot some treats and foods. Also, what good is a new canal? The best ones have been around since the Great Flood.

OMV, thanks for the simple but stupid ad. I certainly appreciate it.


3 thoughts on “Post 559: Venice Dogs

  1. Matt/Cory/I can’t remember anymore which is which/I had one of these for the the NotANinja and he figured out how to escape in less than a week.Matt/Cory Silly me, I thought it was a dog kennel not a canal, no wonder it couldn’t contain him, dogs can swim.

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  2. Canals can be very dangerous. Drowning seem to happen in them every year. When I was an irrigator, I had two fields I had to water with a large syphon that needed to be started with a shop vac. Every day I had to go into the canal to pull weeds out of the pipe. I destroyed a phone or two because I forgot to leave my phone in my pickup. I was in water up to my chin. I’d be safer in a kennel, and so would a dog.

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