Post 560: Seriously?

Sharpie X- Adoption
Rehousing Male neutered Sharpei X for Adoption roughly 7 years -natural excellent guard dog, best behind fence. Exceptionally loyal and protective, should be only dog and no cats. Loves to be outdoors and needs a yard to run. Has some training, obeys basic commands.His name is Frank Serious inquiries only to good home….

What a piece of work is this ad! Sharpie or Sharpei, depending on where you want the X. He’s been waiting to be adopted for a rough 7 years. To good home only. Not one that will rehouse him when he gets old and might need some medical care.

His name is Serious. Frank Serious.

NinjaChow, where do you find these ads? Thanks!


8 thoughts on “Post 560: Seriously?

  1. Is Frank best behind the front fence or the back fence?
    The obvious answer is the front fence. Behind the back fence would be in the alley. Alley cats hang out there, and we all know the ad says no cats.
    From the point of view of the ad poster (inside the house), behind the front fence would put Frank on the sidewalk or in the street. I don’t think the street needs to be guarded.

    I think I may be rambling.

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  2. Ok, so Frank Serious is a guard dog.
    Perhaps this is why Spark has no cats nor children?
    Every time Spark tries to leave the house, the dog, outside, keeps him in?
    This would exain the adoption trouble. Sapient humans see Spark penned up and give Frank Serious treats.

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