Post 563: Are We There Yet?

2005 Yamaha 200 Blaster 6 speed – $2500
For sale of trade.
2005 Yamaha 200 Blaster 4 wheeler. 6 speed. 2 stroke. Does over 6 mph.

Submitter OMV said, “I feel a need…a need for speed.” Well, this little 2 stroke is not going to fulfill that need. Seriously, I can almost walk as fast as 6 miles per hour. Just what are all those speeds for? First gear, 1 MPH. Second gear, 2 MPH and so on. I also think this thing is way over priced. I don’t know how much I’ll get on the sale of my trade.

Thanks for the post, One. Wonder how long it took this Sparky to correct that error. If, in deed, it was an error.


6 thoughts on “Post 563: Are We There Yet?

  1. Well, the units are not specified.
    If it were paresecs per Kessel run, that would surpass legendary and verge into mythical.
    If knives per aeon, then granite moves faster.
    If that’s meters per second that’s around 13mph. Now, 6 km/minute is a decent clip, 360 kph, right at 224mph.

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  2. Being pedantic, Spark has made no assertion as to how much over 6 mph the vehicle is capable.
    It may indicate the upper limit to which Spark ‘ has tested, perhaps as high as 10kph, a blistering 6.2mph . . .

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