Post 564 What a drag

 Large Old Aluminium pontoon boat 

post 564 pontoon

This boat has seem better days. I’m not sure if the pontoons leak or not.
Take it to fix it or take it for scrap, just take it.
There’s room to drag it out, if you’d like. No one here can help lift it.
condition: salvage

I don’t see a pontoon, do you? Is it under that pile of scrap metal? Is it under the weeds? Did it get dragged off into the bushes? How did it manage to seem like a better day? Ralph, I think you found a metaphysical conundrum. Aluminium indeed.

5 thoughts on “Post 564 What a drag

  1. Well, it has returned to the forest from which it came. So, perhaps, it’s measured in cords. (As in how many you’d need to clear just to find the sandbox.)

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  2. I see part of one pontoon. It’s in the back where that small corner of railing is partially penning in that boat stool. There is not however, a pontoon below the railing partially penning in that horse. What? You didn’t see a horse? Well, I “saw” a horse.

    Oh, and while we are on the subject of the lack of information on this boat, can we use some shortened version here? Great!

    So this “poon” boat may not reflect what it actually is. After all, Sparky says it’s aluminium (aluminum in the U.S.A.), and poon is or are several types of trees used in the making of masts. Sure, some boats have masts, but masts are usually not used on aluminium deck boats. If Sparky is using poon to make his boat float (also known as mastwood), he really can’t claim it’s aluminium.

    If you are more confused now, after reading this, then my work here is done.

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