Post 567: Ya Big Lug

5 lug chevy meg wheels – $40

post 566 meg

Two chevy half ton 5 lug 15″ meg wheels. Barter for tools or ? Male offer thanks for looking

I don’t really know Meg all that well, but seems OMV knows her well enough to ask, “Would Meg really offer a male?” No, she would probably barter for tools. I’ll get my coat.


7 thoughts on “Post 567: Ya Big Lug

  1. 15″ and also 1000 pounds is pretty dense matter.
    For a 15x15x15 inch cube, that’s 1/3 pound per square inch. Or around 512 pounds per cubic foot. For comparison, solid concrete is only 65pcf, pig iron is close, at 491pcf.
    Lead, since you are curious, is 709pcf.

    Gold, what Spark thinks these are made of, is 1206pcf. Sorry, Spark, no sell.

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  2. Given spellcheck, one wonders what was entered to get “meg”?

    Now, wheels can be made of magnesium alloy, commonly referred to as “mag.” Truck wheels, from the 5 lug & half ton specificity, are not commonly made in magnesium, though.

    So, this could be margarine previously used with a rolled up rug–and Maggie is still miffed about that. Along with the rest of Lear’s daughters.

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  3. To wheel or not to wheel
    This begs many questions
    Whether tis nobler to vend greasy wheel
    Or surrender to junk yard decor
    That, in haste for rims
    Perchance did nightmares bring
    For all the margarine on the rugs
    Sooth, to lay down ads
    Against outrageous fortune
    Thereby to sleep
    Spared of Meg’s wrath, male only.

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  4. When I was a minor infraction, a friend of mine had a “mag” wheel on his bicycle. Mag to us meant it was extra wide. Perhaps Meg stands for mega-wheel. The picture might argue against that though.

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  5. Megalodon was a big lug but did not have wheels, and while it did eat half-ton prey, Chevys had not yet evolved in the Miocene-Pliocene. Sparky is confused.


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