Post 568: Green is the Color of My True Love’s Chair

43 green lawn chairs – $150

post 568 lawn chairs

I have 43 green lawn chairs for sale. 200.00 for all of them. I will sell part of them @ 5.00 each.
Thanks for lookin’ They need to be cleaned, but have been under a tent.

Sparky, don’t let the cat post ads for you. 43 chairs for $150 = about $3.50 per chair. Then you bump it up to $200, which means about $4.65 per chair, or $5 each if you don’t take the whole bunch. Now, what if someone buys 10 chairs and you sell the rest as a lot. How much would you charge? Why hasn’t someone caught you playing this numbers racket? I give up, keep your darn dirty chairs. How much for the tent?


5 thoughts on “Post 568: Green is the Color of My True Love’s Chair

  1. Gee, Sparky, these are $6 each at Lowe’s brand new. Such a deal!

    However, maybe someone is interested in buying just part of them. The legs, for instance.

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  2. In the East, what dawns
    So grim and green
    But the woe which is
    Chairs pavillion-ed
    Aqua, teal, chartreuse,
    All offend equal
    What dross is this
    That sooth must vend
    So twisted in detail
    Bespeaks of something
    Rotten in Ish

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  3. Ah, the chairs from the “norovirus” wedding; sure they’re “clean” washed in the gentle rain under the tent . . .
    Or perhaps a Capulet-Metricio wedding, with emetics in the bride’s cake and laxatives in the groom’s . . .
    Or, perchance, my foul morning mood ill suits for levity.

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