Post 569: The Further Adventures of Winston and Pickles

Back in the days of You Suck at Craigslist, one of the commentators (Mindfield) posted chapters in the lives of two genie pigs, known and loved as Winston and Pickles. Years have passed and nothing has been heard from this dynamic duo, although the occasional sighting is still reported. Behold, I may have discovered their current line of work. Pretending to be happy and healthy piggies for a sitting concern.

Guinea Pig Sitting Service – $ 14 per day $ 23 for a pair

post 569 piggies

We’ll house and care for your Guinea Pigs at our house with organic greens and veggies included in the price per day. Personal, loving care and playtime everyday. Experienced GP owners providing care and service on-site at all times. Discounts for longer stays. We have roomy cages but prefer to use the cages the PGs are used to and accustom to being in for comfort. Long or short hairs are welcome.

Looks like the girlie there has the boys by the short hairs. Must be the new organic diet. Have fun, and be sure to practice safe piggie sex.


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