Post 570: Sitter, Not a Walker

Pet sitter available (no dogs)

My last fur baby recently passed away from old age and I can no longer afford pets (vet bills). I love animals and already feel lonely without them in my life, so I thought maybe pet sitting would help me with companionship while providing a cheap service to those in need!

The pet sitting will take place in my home and you will have to provide transportation for the animals and their belongings, etc. (If you’re close by I may be able to visit your house instead.)

My main experience is with rats and cats. I’d prefer to watch small animals and pocket pets however I might be willing to watch cats as long as they have never sprayed or peed outside of the litter box. I may have to collect a damage deposit for cats in case they are destructive. Sorry I can’t help with dogs as my place doesn’t allow it.

I have a LOT of supplies for rats and other small animals, including cages, but unfortunately my cat furniture is gone. However I still have cat litter boxes, toys and such, a bed, pillow, blanket, etc. I’ve included a few pictures from last year showing some of my rat stuff (there are even more things on shelves).

Let me know your budget and I will try to work within it!

Greetings, Earthling.

I am very interested in your small animals. Do you have any recipes to go with them? What should I feed them to make them fatter and juicier? How many pocket pets are needed to feed a family of 4? I’m thinking a slow cooker would be nice. NinjaChow, thanks for the ad and yes, it does appear there really are people who want to sit for rats and small animals. They are demanding, picky, peculiar, and can’t help with dogs. Whether there are folks who need that service, well, that’s another story entirely.


6 thoughts on “Post 570: Sitter, Not a Walker

  1. Well, sounds ok to me. Bit of a long journey for us, though. Our lot just have to stay here and we have someone come to the house and feed them.

    To be honest Sparky would probably do better selling the cages etc on Ebay, you can get quite a bit for cages that size.

    May have dropped my Corey tags somewhere.

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