Post 571: Where’s Mrs. Peacock?

I’m downsizing my aviary birds, but maybe if I got rid of all the small birds, I would have room for one big one.
Peacock for sale – $75
Peacocks for sale. These are males from age 1 to 5 years old. Easy to care for, and are used to being around chickens and turkeys.

They’ve been hanging out with the wrong kinds of people. I like the way they are lined up in order of age, too. Easy to train, probably. Maybe I don’t need to have the whole bird.

Peacock feathers – $50
Peacock feathers for sale. Perfect for crafts, fly-tying, weddings, decorations. $50 for each tail, which has over 100 eyefeathers, besides a few assorted wing feathers. Individual feather sizes very from 3-4 inches to approximately 3 feet long.

Now we’re talking! Why buy the whole bird for $75 and have to feed it and care for it, when for a mere $50 you can get the feathers only. Wait, OMV, do you think those birds in the first ad had these feathers attached at one time? Well, thanks for the ads. Keep them coming in.

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