Post 572: Overseas Adoptions

Crossbred Tarantula (New [Location])pastedImage

I plan on moving overseas and I don’t want to stress myself or the tarantula out with the journey.
She is several years old, quite docile, and a heavy webber.
She is a crossbreed of a Honduran Curly Hair (Brachypelma Albopilosum) and a Mexican Red Rump (Brachypelma vagans) but looks mostly like a Mexican red rump.
Unfortunately, I’ve had to keep her discreet since I am currently living in a place that doesn’t allow pets so I’ve had to dispose of her terrarium. However, she does come with a temporary 12x12x12 tank with the essentials but preference will be given to someone who has or will have a nice set up. Small adoption fee of $50.

Let’s call this girl Elvira. Good name. She’s cross when she’s bred. Or maybe when she’s not bred. She never knew her father, and now her stepdad wants to rehome her for a paltry $50. She lives in a shoebox in the dark of a closet! Won’t somebody think of the spiderlings?

Thanks, NinjaChow, and I’m sure someone out there is looking for a good webber. I agree with you, he should take her with him overseas. How hard could it be?


9 thoughts on “Post 572: Overseas Adoptions

  1. Ok, the cincept that someone axtually decided to engage in deliberate spider cross-breeding is almost as gobsmacking as the presumption that there are others out there that care at that level of detail.

    I’m certain Rule 34 (or such similar) applies here somehow…

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  2. As a person who hosted a rather large tarantula (as roach control), I never considered it subject to a “pet policy,” More of a cohabitation agreement.

    Mind, I was not stockpiling breed samples, either–it was just the one, and sort of came with the apartment.

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  3. Male tarantulas generally live up to around 25 years. Females up to around 35 years. Those numbers are for captive mygalamorphs. I don’t know if, like humans, their life expectancy has gone up since I read that in 3rd grade.

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    • Thanks OMV, as if spiders aren’t nightmare inducing enough, now I get to imagine them living twice as long as a dog. Lucky for me their life expectancy is usually cut short in my house thanks to said dogs.

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  4. For you Clint Eastwood fans, the movie “Tarantula” was his first movie he was in. You can’t see him in it. He’s not in the credits. He is in the movie though.

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