Post 574: Free Doesn’t Mean Good

FREE Small Leather Sofa,Dinner+Chairs and Shelves
  FREE Small Leather 2seat Sofa,Dinner+Chairs and Shelves Perfect for Studio size condo .
All In good condition .first come, first served – You pick up all .

Must all go by JUNE 30 .

NinjaChow sent this in with the comment, “That’s so nice of Sparky to feed me dinner when I pick up his free stuff. Also, does the cat grass come with the shelves?”

I’m sure you’re asking about the c-a-t grass for a friend. And maybe you should dine on that instead of the meal Sparky prepares. Up to you but please be careful! I would rather not have to replace you.


7 thoughts on “Post 574: Free Doesn’t Mean Good

  1. It’s probably that one seat sofa from an earlier post. Partaking of all of those one nightstands caused it to develop the extra seat. If you get this sofa, you should consider putting it on a diet.


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