Post 575: Multiple Choice

Vape – $80


I got this preety bad ass vape it changes colors and i have the charching base for it and i also have a 50 mil bottle that it will come with it i brought this vape about like 2 weeka ago it works fenominal its brand new i just dont really use it im willing to negociate the price i wont go any lower then $80-100

This ad submission came from One Moving Violation. Do you think it attracted his attention because of:

A. Who would pay $100 when the seller will take $80?

2. The super-sharp photography involved

iii. The preety bad ass speeling

d. The unsolved mystery of where Sparky brought it.

The answer is:

OMV – preety bad ass speeling.

If you guessed correctly, please say so in the comments below. You will get to own the internets for an hour tomorrow! Congratulations.

7 thoughts on “Post 575: Multiple Choice

  1. Apparently, the concensus definition of “charch” is “A fake or fantasy church.”

    Hmm, a slyphine “churching” station . . .
    “Ok, next!”
    “Insert the mistletoe!”

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  2. To vape or not to vape
    That is the question
    Whether tis nobler to
    Slog the stuff off
    Or just commit it to the trash
    To take $100, or $80;
    But not a penny less
    O the slings and arrows
    Of outragous merchantile
    To sleep, perchance to dream
    Of a c-note for junk.

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  3. It’s brand new but he suggests that maybe he might have used it at least once.
    He loaded it up and took a puff and said, “My, ain’t this purdy up here.”

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