Post 576: Teenage Mutant Ninja Watermelon— What?

Ninja Watermelon plush
Ninja Watermelon plush

Click “more ads by this user” to see what else I have to offer!

Oh, thanks, but no, thanks, Sparky. I have enough nightmares with this ad alone. However, it’s fun to speculate on what else you might have to offer. Ninja hoverboards? Watermelon tuxedo? Plush Shrek and Fiona? Jump in any time, commentators.

You get one guess as to who submitted this. That’s right, our very own NinjaChow. Thanks for the find and yes, who knew this was a thing?


5 thoughts on “Post 576: Teenage Mutant Ninja Watermelon— What?

  1. Sadly “plushes” come in every random configuratuon south Asia factories can assemble from scraps, remnants, over runs and the like.
    Then, sadly, sparkii find a box or 50 wut fail ofta truk, and attempt to vend them at prices which reflect their inebriation.

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  2. Errr, eBay has a “click for seller’s other auctions” button.
    Not CL.
    But trying to explain that cl is not a auction would probably rank with explaining ninja watermelons . . .

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  3. “click more ads by this user”

    User indeed. Maybe stop using certain substances and you will refuse to aquire such things just to offer on Craigslist.

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