Post 581: And So’s My Wife

Rare Pepe the frog pin – $20


These are one of a kind Pepe pins as featured on the internet.

Whether you want to impress your classmates, get that promotion at work or even just be the coolest guy in the nursing home. A Pepe pin is an essential for people on all walks of life.

Pin is of quality material (metal) to ensure there is no peeling even after long term use.

Can supply bulk at discounted price, inquire for more information.

Customer: So these are rare?

Sparky: Yes, indeed, one of a kind.

Customer: Which one?

Sparky: What?

Customer: You have at least a dozen here —

Sparky: I can get you a lot of 144 at a discount price!

Customer: Yes, but that’s not rare OR one of a kind. It’s one of a gross.

Sparky (looking at the pin): Well, it is a bit gross, maybe.

Customer: Oh, look at the time. I have to go.

Submitter OMV found this one of a kind ad and submitted it just like that! Thanks and keep them coming.


13 thoughts on “Post 581: And So’s My Wife

  1. “Whether you want to impress your classmates”
    My mates ain’t got no class.

    “get that promotion at work”
    Sure, if I want to work on the unemployment line.

    “or just be the coolest guy in the nursing home”
    I’m not moving to a nursing home in the off chance I’ll become the coolest guy there. Now get off my lawn.

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  2. Hey, Mr Pin Maker, I gotz tis grate idear.
    Ok, yeah, I kin do that. ‘Ow many?
    It’s one of a kind.
    Yah, sure, but the minimum order iz fif’een.
    Uh, whuh? Well, I might could sell one or two.
    T’ousan’ bud, minimm run iz 15 tousan’. So how many?
    Er, a run, plez.
    Goes off to CL

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  3. Dood, I’m so baked.
    Dude, lan’lor’ says we gotta clean er pays raint.
    Dood, I’m baked; no kleenin’
    We needz dinero then.
    Hay, whut ’bout tem pinz what yur cous Marion made? We culd sale em–they’re one’a’kine!
    Dude, we’ll make bank!

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