Post 853: Wench Off

Pto wench – $1
I have a old pto wench off my chevy g506 for sale. Never used it. Has some damage. Make an offer?

Sparky, don’t you know those cheap wenches are the ones that always have diseases? One Moving Violation has offered to help you out. “You shall have to be schooled in the manly art of wenching.” First lesson, get a winch and lift your wench until she can reach the wrench. If you wrenched your winch, you will lose the wench.

4 thoughts on “Post 853: Wench Off

  1. In case of curiosity (and willing to risk the cat despite) “PTO” in this context is “Power Take Off.” Which means a a winch powered by an axle driven by a separate engine or motor.
    In this specific case, the winch was powered by a separate axle coming off the transfer case on the rear of the transmission (it being a multi-axle drive vehicle).

    To use the thing, were it in working condition and not operated by a sparkii, one would start the engine with the gear shift in neutral and the parking break set (or stuck in enough mud to obviate the latter). The Transfer case shift lever would be moved to PTO (rather than 2Lo, 2Hi, 4Lo, or 4Hi). The clutch would be put in, then the transmission set to either 1 or R, depending on which way the winch was meant to run. Letting out the clutch allows application of up to full engine horsepower, as sent through the transmission.

    It’s a rather elegant way to have great horsepower at hand for winching–which can be rather needful if stuck in stick mud or high water, wher operating a submerged electrical winch might be sub-ideal.

    But, it does require somethings. Like a transfer case built to the task. And a drive shaft, clearance for same, a pair of universal joints, and all the maintenance all of that requires.

    All of which can be undone by just one sparkii through failure to lubricate the parts, not running maintenance checks and the like, or by “popping the clutch” on the PTO. They are just not built to allow for a nimrod to dump a couple thousand engine RPM into the winch. The planetary gears shed teeth until the winch no longer works.

    The repair for such breakage is buy another, undamaged, winch and replace the thing. Especially since the Tulsa GM winch plant closed about 1950, so there’s not a lot of spare parts. If you buy a winch “for parts” guess which parts are most likely the busted ones?

    The military vehicle restoration community has to cope with this level of backwash all of the time. Sigh.

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  2. O, the East, is that my wench?
    No, ’tis not the dawn,
    But busted truck part again.
    How then to strike this beam
    From my orb, to be the mote
    In another’s?
    Forsooth to call a rose by any other name

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