Post 585: How Much Is That Ewok in the Window?

It’s Pets Week again! Happy October and remember to keep your pets safe during the Tricking and Treating at the end of the month.

8 little fur balls
We have 8 little fur balls that will be ready to go the third week of September. They were born July 25 so we don’t know the gender of any of them yet. Please send us a msg telling a bit about yourself. There will be a rehoming fee and these babies won’t just go to anyone. If we feel like you’re a good fit then we will get back to you. There are 5 mostly black and 3 tabby.

If I’m not a good fit, I will never hear from you again? I think I like that option. As submitter NinjaChow says, “So this ad has no pictures, Sparky doesn’t know if the fur balls are male or female or even what species they are.  I am guessing since three of them are tabby that they are cats?” Not necessarily! Some of the Ewoks were tabby striped. And I have no idea how to tell if those are boys or girls. Anyway, I’m sure they are all gone by now. Thanks for the submission.

post 585 ewok tabby


4 thoughts on “Post 585: How Much Is That Ewok in the Window?

  1. So, really, Spark’, you are selling your dustbunnies?
    And, we have to expound on why _we_ desrve your detritius?

    V-A-C-U-U-M–it’s more than tbe volume between your ears.

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  2. Gremlins were also cute little fur balls til you got them wet (I think that was what made them turn but it was a long time since I’ve seen the movie). I don’t think I’m willing to take the chance on Sparky’s “pets”.

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