Post 586: It’s Fudd Season

It’s Pets Week again! Happy October and remember to keep your pets safe during the Tricking and Treating at the end of the month.

Free Muscovy Drake
[Location], one free muscovy male.

Dinner, or would be great for breeding meat birds, he’s a darn beast.
Probably not great for breeding pets though, because he’s also an arse.
He escaped last year and has been running free. We got into a squabble tonight and I’m pretty sure he broke a toenail, just so you’re aware. (I FINALLY won, though.)

Also, he doesn’t care for chickens, and will try and fight your other male ducks if you have them. However, he is good to the girls. So would be ok in his own breeding pen? Or in a frying pan.

So please, come take him away.

One Moving Violation submitted the ad because “This one just made me laugh.” Plus at least Sparky is doing the right thing and rehoming the bird instead of dropping him off at a public park or lake. Where he would breed with the wild ducks and make a bunch of half-breed ducklings. Mass hysteria is the usual result. Thanks, OMV, appreciate your dedication.


3 thoughts on “Post 586: It’s Fudd Season

  1. Almost doesn’t count–he knows the difference between ducks and drakes.
    Also that animal husbandry is complicated.
    Even to the extent of cautioning those who might think such might be a good “pet.”

    No, the next person (barring being a breeder or an eater) is far more likely to be sparkii.

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