Post 588: Tom Sawyer Lives!

Free car
2005 Subaru. Come pick it up

I’ve been looking at these pictures all day, but I can’t see a place where one could pick it up. If you pulled on the fender, it would come off in your hand. If you got hold of the front bumper, you’re likely to get cut and need a tetanus shot. The back end looks promising, but there’s all that crap stacked on the hatch.

You know, Sparky, if it’s all the same to you, I’mma let you keep it or call a junk yard to come pick it up.

Thanks, Ralph, proof that parts is parts.


5 thoughts on “Post 588: Tom Sawyer Lives!

  1. Subaru is the Japanese name for the constellation known in the West as the “Southern Cross.”
    Pretty sure this cow has jumped over that particular moon, and its Mercury is in retrograde.

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