Post 591: Fear the Duck

Free Doll + washable crayon
Doll is in used condition.
These washable crayons are in good used condition and comes with a cute duck of eraser.They can use on the wall of bathroom.
NS/NP home.

PU Canada way at [Location] rd. anytime or ##th Ave station Wed./Fri. 7:35pm.

NinjaChow, I deeply regret not getting to this soon enough to have the photos included. I want to see the Duck of Eraser so much. All I can do is imagine what it looks like.

As you said, “I was surprised to find another one along the line of the cuckoo clock, does it really matter if your crayons are from a non-smoking, no pets home?  I wonder if the doll is the one drawing on the bathroom walls.”

These all look used, but as what, I dunno. When the Wall of Bathroom meets the Duck of Eraser, things will get crazy.


4 thoughts on “Post 591: Fear the Duck

  1. To duck or not to duck
    That tis the question
    Whether to suffer the
    Crayons in the Bath
    Or, to suffer doll, mannequin
    O erases, erase, foul blot
    Stain in washroom
    My kingdom for a doll
    Prick-ed, I bleed a torrent
    Of sorrow most disgust-ed.

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