Post 592: I Hope They Have Chocolate Chip!

Schwann seat – $25
1970 continental seat

Wait a minute, that’s not a Schwann truck! That’s not even Ice Cream! Just a stupid old bike seat. I am surprised Sparky isn’t selling it as an antique.

OMV, hate to break it to you, but Sparky can’t spell. Even when the name is on the item to be sold. Keep sending these ads in!


8 thoughts on “Post 592: I Hope They Have Chocolate Chip!

  1. Spark (or Spark’s phone) sorrectly spelt “continental” but not “Schwinn.”
    Makes a person wonder what’s in Spark’s text history that “shwann” gets offered up.

    But, I drove to work in the rain with a large number of people with so little external consideration that they were driving in the dark and rain with no lights on.

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  2. Why would anyone remove the seat? If I sit on a bicycle without a seat, I scream. I usually don’t scream Schwann though. I usually scream Ben & Jerry’s.

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