Post 598: Trick or Treat!

Free storage unit – $1
There bunch old stuff in this unit old toys clothes smalls and a shotgun I need everything done by the 1st of November anyone intrested please call

Still trying to decide what to hand out for the little monsters who come to your door this evening? Well, there’s something for everyone in here. Imagine the surprise on Little Britany’s face when you shove that shotgun into her bag! So many grab bags in there, no need to sort them out. Give a child a bag of junk and you create a future politician or serial killer.

Thanks, Ralph, so much fail in one ad. I don’t even have time to talk about speeling and puntuation. Keep up the good work.


4 thoughts on “Post 598: Trick or Treat!

  1. The Storage Unit, the Storage Unit
    Or wall it up with our discards
    In peace nothing so behooves as neatness
    But, ere the drums of sloth murmur, let it all rot
    Bow down, I dread Harfleur
    Else we will make of you a midden
    To be give-en away to peasantry for a pittance
    A dollar! A dollar!
    To unwall our unit of self-inflicted refuse
    A kingdom, for want of a dumpster
    And a fire within.

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  2. I’m guessing that “smalls” was an autocorrect from “smells”. That is why Sparky wants someone else to clean it out. Sparky says, “You’re killing me smells!”


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