Post 599: Stuffed Full of Vintage

Wooden drawers, Vintage stuff, clothing racks, pallet shelves, baskets (kits)


Spring cleaning – some great stuff that’s totally usable just needs some TLC. Two wooden chest of drawers – white one is night stand size – blue one a bit bigger. All drawers work fine. Three vintage wood/metal pipe fitting boxes salvaged from 60yr old Marine company. (they make funky book shelves when hung on side) Two pairs rubber boots – larger ones are size 8 – see pics, smaller ones maybe size 6 or 7?? Three black clothing racks – all hardware included. Two woven baskets. Three shelves made from salvaged pallet wood. Tub full of heritage wood – salvaged would be great for artsy shelving or projects – take it all and you can have the tub too!

In the alley of #th Ave – between Bay[cation] & Bal[adonna] – closer to Bal[adonna] end on Nth side of the alley.

I will update as I notice things are moving – please do not email me.

Have a lovely day!

Once more, I lost most of the photos that came with this great ad. But the one that I did still have speaks volumes. Because the words only tell us that the marine who owned it all was pretty old and the clothing racks are racists. Salvation gathered a lot of this stuff, probably for its army. As my grandmother used to say, Take it all and you can have the tub, too! Wait, no, she said, Please do not email me. That’s right.

Thanks, NinjaChow, lovely collection of words and items. Enjoy your weekend.

3 thoughts on “Post 599: Stuffed Full of Vintage

  1. Rather a lot different between a 60 y/o Marine; a 60 y/o Marine Company, and a maritime (“marine”) supply house.

    60 years ago was 1958. USMC created some new helicopter Companies (and Battalions and Regiments to be their parents), so, this is possible.

    I have an uncle who was born in ’58, who was a Marine–he may be mussing some marbles, but not any shelves.

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  2. “[P]ipe fitting boxes”?
    Well, pipe fittings are typically segregated by type and size and material, typically in individual bins. So, there will be a bin for 8mm vinyl elbows, a different one for 1/2″ brass Ts, yet another for 18mm Monel stopcocks. Bins do not suggest bookshelves, at any rotation.

    Now, shelves _made_ from pipe and pipe fittings, can be repurposed, just with additional effort.

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