Post 600: Fun Size

condition: good cylinders: 6 cylinders drive: fwd fuel: gas odometer: 107000
paint color: black size: mid-size title status: clean transmission: automatic type: convertible
All original except for new black alloy (not steel) rims and a killer sound system that will make you smile
107,000 miles
two careful owners
lots of maintenance and repair records saved over the years
Near new tires
Clean carpets with factory carpet mats and a factory convertible top with heated glass rear window
always garaged
everything works but the driver
color combo is rare
smogs every time
Another car on the way and no garage space
Fun little car

If the drivers were so careful, why did the car need so much maintenance and repair over the years?

Why is the color black considered rare? Why does the photo with the shadow in it look so badly photo-shopped? I don’t think I want a car that spews smog every time you start it. Everything works but the driver is a slacker. Sorry, Tony, you won’t be getting my 7K anytime soon.

4 thoughts on “Post 600: Fun Size

  1. This is how I read this part.

    Good cylinders.
    6 cylinders drive.
    Fwd fuel.
    Gas odometer.
    107000 paint color.
    Black size.
    Mid-size title status.
    Clean transmission.
    Automatic type.

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  2. “Another car on the way and no garage space”
    So this deadbeat car knocked up your other car that’s going to give birth to a rare color combo sub-compact?

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