Post 601: Lovesac, Baby!

2 free lovesac bean bags..great for movie night!
TWO large lovesac bean bags..perfect for movie night, teen room, bonus room, nap time! Come get them. On driveway. The tan one is gone, the two darker brown ones are available. Removable covers for easy washing. Very large. Probably need truck.

This is a legit item, from an actual company called Lovesac. Because everyone dreams of being asked, “Hey, baby, want to Netflix and chill on my Lovesac?” “Is it big enough for both of us?” “I needed a truck to move it here.” “What if I get popcorn butter all over your Lovesac?” “No problem, it has a removable cover.” “Uh. Oh, sorry. I’m washing my cat tonight and cleaning out my hair box.”

Thus ends a budding relationship all because Lovesac doesn’t sound like furniture at all. Better luck next time.


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