Post 603: College Dropout

Part One of Pet Week Again!

College is expensive. When someone tries to charge you more than you expect, you might be like Clover here and drop out.

Missing Rottweiler mix 


Clover was charged by a dog while walking on Hastings and escaped her college/leash.
She is a small Rottweiler.

Yes, getting a degree will bring many rewards, but putting up with the rules and restrains, which may seem like a leash, can drive you to run away. Good Luck, Clover, wherever you are.

5 thoughts on “Post 603: College Dropout

  1. My college is rather dogged about chasing donations and freebies, and having good optics for their events & machinations.

    As is all too common on too many capuses, there are always rumors about a certain level of kink going on. Canine bdsm may be new, though . . .

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