Post 607: Legal in Most States

Law book sets West’s Annotated CA U.S. Code Service lawyers – $700
Complete set Wests Annotated and U.S. Code Service. Updates for 2018 for code service. You get both sets for one price.
See product here:



Photos are of books when I got them. I have them in storage in Point [Location]

These books are great for your law office or for a law student. Worth thousands but I will not have room in my new apartment.

Payment includes delivery as long as it is within reason. For delivery, I will need a spot to park and extra hands to unload the books. Payment must be made before delivery.

It is craigslist, so of course I will entertain offers. Accepted offers below list price will not include delivery. I will, however, help you load them into your truck or van for free.

I will be listing a lot of things I can’t fit in my new place so click on my other ads link.


Thanks for looking.

Lawyer Sparky knows the worth of his books. He knows you need extra hands to unload them. He knows it’s CL, so he has to entertain offers. And he knows it must be cash or no books. Seems these books didn’t help Lawyer Sparky much, because he had to move into a smaller apartment. Not usually on the career path of most lawyers. But Lawyer Sparky is special. Click!

2 thoughts on “Post 607: Legal in Most States

  1. So many speculations possible here.
    Failed to pass the bar.

    Sad probability is that Spark’ is leaving CA and the bar. And realized that most folks use online reference materials (much to the chagrin of West’s, Vernon’s, et al).

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