Post 608: Protectively Non-Aggressive

Free large dog cage and food with dog – $000
I found him behind stater brothers as a small puppy. I promised myself i would only foster him until i found him a good home.
He is almost a year old, german shepard lab pit mix. He loves to run and chase after balls, olay with other dogs (cats not so much), cuddles with kids and will sleep at your feet. He is very protective but not aggressive. He knows how to sit, shake, up (jump up for a treat), dance, and lay down.
I would love to keep him myself but im a student during the day, work at night, and a full time parent. He deserves a family and people who will love him.
If interested, please call or text me

Yeah, I used to work in the pit, mixing up lab specimens with my friend the she-pard, who was also German. Then those freaks broke into the lab and let all the dogs go free. One ended up behind the stater brothers and got addicted to oil of olay. So sad. He deserved a family. True story, bro.

One thought on “Post 608: Protectively Non-Aggressive

  1. Sparky is giving away free large dog cage and food. No pics of the dog cage or the food. Only pics and description of the dog that comes with these things.
    With no description of the food, how do we know it isn’t boxes of Mac & cheese?

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