Post 610: Lions and Pigs and Bears, Oh My!

Free Couch*
Free white couch.
From pet free and bug free home.
In good shape physically, could do with a steam clean.

Pick up in [Location] near [One Street] and [Another].
If you see this post it still available.
Text to arrange pickup

*Stuffed animals not included.

This almost seems like a bait and switch. Who wouldn’t want that lion? But no, all you can have is the white couch that isn’t really white anymore. No pets or bugs, but what about smokers? Sparky’s home is in good shape physically, but could do with a clean. At least you can arrange to get his pickup so it’s worth it.

Thanks, NinjaChow, good find!


6 thoughts on “Post 610: Lions and Pigs and Bears, Oh My!

  1. That “lion” looks remarkably realistic, like it were a pet groomed to tiger, er, lion appearance . . .

    What else might not be so? The pickup is actually a Honda CRX? Ate there auntie stains? The odd, non-pet, snake loise in the cushoins? And, why can’t we have stuffed animals? Have we been bad? Why can’t we have nice things?


  2. To the couch, to the couch!
    Or fill it up with our English plushies.
    In peace, nothing so behooves as a pickup
    But, in time of war, to screw on the stuffed lion
    And swerve in with the sedan.
    And reduce, O dread Harfleur
    To stuffed animals


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