Post 613: Pucker Up

Commercial Candy Machine – Pucker Powder! – $1


condition: good
make / manufacturer: Pucker Powder
size / dimensions: 2 ft round x 6.5 ft tall

Retail Pucker Powder flavoured candy straws dispenser – great for any location that has kids! Make extra $$

Consumer chooses size of empty straw, then selects their flavours and fill with any combination, layering colours (just push to fill!)

-Machine (no power required)
-Assorted Straws and extra full powder (not shown)
-6 additional powder dispenser clips

Product refills are easily available for vendor to order more stock. You order straws direct and they include free powder with every order!

$1200 OBO

Those crazy, inventive Canadians have figured out a way to charge for straws! Isn’t that amazing? Not only that, you get extra vowels with some of the words. Somehow, you send Sparky $1200 Canadian and you suddenly can play the obo. Any combination of obo, too. This machine is so wonderful, Sparky should be charging a lot more, even if there is no power required.

NinjaChow, I am proud to know that someday Canada will be the new, polite overlords of the USA.


8 thoughts on “Post 613: Pucker Up

  1. Hey, I came up wit s wsy t’ make bank.
    Hey, wha?
    So, straws fillt w’ sugar.
    Hey, ya’t’ink?
    [time passes]
    So, wha’s t’bank?
    Kids doan wan straws a sucre.
    Hey, whadda kids kno?
    Yaw, not a single Loonie.
    Oh, flogit on CL, ya’kno?
    Hey’ya, smart.

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  2. Corey/Fun fact, I don’t know if it was just a Canadian thing but when I was a kid we used to get a candy called Pixie sticks which were basically just straws filled with sugar./end Corey

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