Post 614: My Kingdom for One of These



Warehouse Clean out Sale – Everything must go – Price Negotiable
Not sure what this is – I believe it is used to hook to a horse rigging some way. It’s old – in good shape –
If you know what it is – let me know.
Asking $50.00 obo

Sparky is such a yokel. He’s got something but it might be nothing. And for $50, it can be yours. What would those people who buy default storage units do with this thing? Too bad Johnny Henshaw- Jacobs isn’t around to tell us what he could make out of this. “This? Why, I can make a hat or a brooch or a pterodactyl…”

Thanks, OMV, this is a great find, whatever it turns out to be.


13 thoughts on “Post 614: My Kingdom for One of These

  1. That may (stress may) be mule/burro pack frame.
    However, Spark’ in typical sparkii fashion has given us nothing to indicate scale or size of the mystery part at all.

    After all, this could be macro photography of a pack mule bit, too.

    The above presumes this is from a tack warehouse, it could be part of a furniture frame, aviation parts, or even deer swingsets.

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  2. Tis but a rose by any other name.
    Uh, sire, where’re thorns?
    Mayhap an appliance for mighty steed.
    Er, sire, what if it’s a burro bit?
    Whatever, just take it to the wall and sell jt to that Harry, King, and tell him Harfleur is 2 leagues down the road . . .

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  3. Sparky does not know what it is but says it is in good shape. Really? If you don’t know what it is, then you don’t know what it is supposed to look like. So you can’t know if it is in good shape.

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