Post 615: Paging Chuck Testa

GenuineVintage Armadillo Purse with Lined Interior and Cosmetic Mirror – $130
Genuine Armadillo leather purse with top closure. Interior lined with red soft fabric interior. felt with single pocket and mirror on underside of opening Long shoulder strap has red crystal for eyes
This is a genuine taxidermy armadillo
Very Rare & One of a Kind
Vintage 1960
measures approx 10″ wide, 7″ tall, and 6″ deep
If it is still posted…it is still for sale.

Nope! Nope, nope, nope. No way. Nope.

Thanks for the nightmare fodder, NinjaChow. This does top the candy machine. Just in case I wasn’t clear, nope!

8 thoughts on “Post 615: Paging Chuck Testa

  1. So much that is so wrong with this.
    Like, what species of armadillo (there are 21 living) is this?
    What is the sourcing (some of the Central American species are “at risk”)?

    Then, the fundamental problem of that armadillo hide does not “tan” into proper “leather” (it’s more taxidermy, stabilization, not tanning).

    Then, of course, is the squick of using a hollowed-out mammal as a clutch.

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  2. Dasypus novemcintus, nine bands, few natural predators, just more kitsch.

    Sigh, so, maybe Armadillo Purse is the Indie-punk Seatbelts cover band?

    “I want to ho home to the nine-banded purse” is not going to improve the lyrics to London Homesick Blues.

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