Post 616: Beautiful Pluming Parts

Pluming parts 
Pluming parts must take all parts

The Norwegian Blue Parrot likes kipping on its back. Apparently, it molts a lot while doing this, resulting in lots of spare plumage. Sparky thoughtfully gathered it all up and will give it to you if you take it all. Someone must have stunned it just as it was coming around.

Thanks, Ralph, great job spotting this one.


5 thoughts on “Post 616: Beautiful Pluming Parts

  1. Only useful item in those photos would be the copper flex lines. Which are usually used to connect water heaters. Except those appear to be the impossible to use 12″ set (they are so short, they realky cant be bent more than 90°, except by Superman, at which point, they’d crack, and leak–ergo, unusable).

    Everything else is junk fitting unsuitable for potable wster use, or anywhere leak interant.

    Like as not, the scrap yard has already turned these, er, “gems” away already.


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    • Bird keepers often shop at home improvement stores to get things that parrots will play with and not destroy instantly. Looking at this detritus, I would hesitate to use any of it around anything living. So, off to the capitals of all first world countries, eh?


  2. Horatio, look!
    Forsooth, tis Yorrick’s plumes
    Gone to corruption in the box
    How oft I saw that corroded grin
    In tattered box, kept with avarice
    Gravekeeper, take these and
    Coak them in clay forwith!
    Nay sire, I cannot, ere they taint the ground.
    O, Horatio, what shalk we anon?
    Dunno, Sire, CL, .sybe?

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