Post 617: Ghost of Christmas Canceled

Christmas tree stand (ornamental ) – $30
Ornamental Christmas tree stand.
Condo doesn’t allow live trees.
Needs a good home where it can be appreciated.

Who makes rules against Christmas? Next thing you know, Menorahs won’t be allowed to burn all night in the windows. Kwanzaa feasts will be shut down due to high-calorie content. And we’ll just have Festivus for the rest of us. This will be known as Christmas’s Last Stand. Hey, somebody had to say it.

Thanks, NinjaChow! Nice bit of silliness.



5 thoughts on “Post 617: Ghost of Christmas Canceled

  1. Condo: “these trees better be dead to me!”

    Ornamental: “I’ll not stand for being just a pretty face. I’m much more than that. I have purpose. I’m leaving.”

    Condo: “Take the stove with you.”

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