Post 620: Look

This Cat Is No Pussy 
Look, I have this cat and he needs a home. I adopted him off craigslist two months ago, but he is NOT a cat that tolerates other cats. He is an alpha cat.
This cat has personality. He’s charming and occasionally affectionate. He prefers to lay across from you and stare you down. He’s neutered and he’s probably pissed about it. He loves good food and a clean litter box. Look, if you’re a guy who’s thought about owning a cat but you’ve always thought that men don’t have cats, this is your cat! He is a man’s cat.
He comes with a bag of high-quality food and a tolerable attitude.
His name is Aries.

Look at that face! That is a charming and occasionally affectionate face. He’s a big, tough cuddly-bear of Alphaness. He’s a man’s cat, and it’s tough being a man’s cat in a woman’s house. Aries with the Tolerable Attitude, you should run for office.l

Thanks, NinjaChow, this is a lovely ad and a perfect ending to Another Pet Week.

6 thoughts on “Post 620: Look

  1. If only there were repositories of vast information freely available to better understand cat and human interaction . . .

    To prevent the tragedy of bachelor cats with silly names, if nothing else.

    Calling the cat a Ram, no wonder he’s aggressive . . .
    Now, Ares, the Greek version of Mars, that would be different.

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